AEM, the Portuguese Issuers Association has signed the “Letter of Commitment to Sustainable Financing in Portugal” which intends to promote and develop financing to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050.

This letter, a joint initiative of the Environment Ministry, the Finance Ministry, and the Economy Ministry, was signed by 20 institutions including all the main financial system Associations in Portugal.

The Letter was signed by Abel Sequeira Ferreira, AEM’s Executive Director, during the “National Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality 2050 – the Role of Sustainable Finance” Conference, held at Lisbon’s Gulbenkian Foundation, and it is one of the outcomes from the work developed by the “Group for the Promotion of Sustainable Development and Decarbonization in Portugal”.

Abel Sequeira Ferreira emphasized that the signing of this Letter of Commitment is the natural corollary of the work developed by AEM within the Group for the Promotion of Sustainable Development and Decarbonization in Portugal.

The “Group for the Promotion of Sustainable Development and Decarbonization in Portugal” aims to provide evidence of the importance of integrating environmental, social and governance risks in the financial sector’s risk management processes, and also to motivate the financial sector to develop and invest in products that support companies, social economy institutions and projects aligned with sustainability principles; its aim is to also improve the public awareness of financing lines supported by the Portuguese State, including the credit facility for Decarbonization and the Circular Economy.

You can read the “Letter of Commitment to Sustainable Financing in Portugal” here.

Also, you can access the “Guidelines to accelerate Sustainable Financing in Portugal” here (portuguese version only)